Lisa Turner... I drove in from St Louis my family & I about one year ago. We were so hungry when we got to Chicago, we wanted some good old southern style food. We were in the gas station on the Westside of Chicago, right off the expressway we ask this couple where's was a southern home cooked food restaurant.   They pointed us in the direction of (Just Like Mama's Catering.) 

We had to call and place a order because she catered from home... I mean to tell you, her home was the cleanest and most friendliness environment.   The food was the next best thing to heaven, The short ribs fell off the bone, the collar greens was season in holy water, the fried chicken would shut KFC & Popeye's down, the back mac n cheese & yams melt in your mouth. The peach cobbler was to die for all for $12.00 per/plate. I will tell the world about this small business she is truly someone should know.        

Kim Richardson.. I tried just like mama's for the 1st time last month omg! I'm in love... Everything was over the top the best. The fried chicken is off da chain. Y'all must check it out. I give them 5 stars.

Ms. Debby... The food I had Sunday 1/21/18 was outstanding. So good I almost bit my fingers off eating it. Yes Mam.  I give them a 5 stars.

Ms. Yolanda B. I had the experience of eating dinner from the food truck in Maywood. OMG everything was over  the top great!  I give this business 5 stars for sure. If you want  great down home cooking make  sure you try Just Like Mama's. I heard you can following them on Facebook in addition they will be opening a sit down restaurant in the spting of 2018.

Larry Rolowitz... Let me start off by saying Just Like Mama's will be a award winner place to eat in 2018.. I had the experience of eating at the food truck at the court house in Maywood. I had the southern fried cat fish. The catfish was so good I almost had the police lock the owner up...lol Really I give this food truck 10 stars. This is the most friendly place I have ever eaten lunch at.  I will be following you all on Facebook.